Organ Donation Promotion Charter

The Government has set up the Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation (“the Committee”) to further promote organ donation in April 2016 to co-ordinate and integrate the work by different government departments and organisations on organ donation, so as to amplify the promotional effect. The Committee, chaired by the Under Secretary for Food and Health, is responsible for implementing the Organ Donation Promotion Campaign, which includes formulation of organ donation promotion strategy and direction, coordination and collaboration with other partners in conducting organ donation promotional activities and programmes and conducting public education.

In June 2016, the Organ Donation Promotion Campaign introduced the “Organ Donation Promotion Charter” and invited various organisations in the community to become partners and signatories of the charter, thus signifying their support towards the promotional activities on organ donation.

Charter Statement

We understand and agree -

  • To assist in public education to facilitate the public understanding of the significance and importance of organ donation.
  • Organ donation must be voluntary and altruistic.
  • To encourage the public to register their wish at the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) of the Department of Health ( and share their wish with their family.
  • To assist in continuous promotional work to inculcate a culture that honours organ donation.

To inculcate a culture that honours organ donation, we are committed to -

  • Promoting organ donation to allow members/staff to understand and be receptive of the idea of organ donation;
  • Encouraging members / staff to register at the CODR ( of the Department of Health;;
  • Encouraging members / staff to share their wish of donating organs as well as inviting their family members to support organ donation;
  • Encouraging the public to express their wish for organ donation through different channels; and
  • Participating in promotional activities or arrange programmes to promote organ donation.

Becoming a Signatory of the “Organ Donation Promotion Charter”

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Signatory of the “Organ Donation Promotion Charter”, please download and sign the “Organ Donation Promotion Charter” and submit to the Secretariat for the Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation via email, fax or post –

Email :

Fax : 2591 6127

Address : 7/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Organ Donation Promotional Activities

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