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Garden of Life

To recognise the charitable acts of organ donors and their families, the Government has established the Garden of Life in Kowloon Park. Characterised by special landscape and architecture, the design of the garden echoes the theme "Light Up Lives" of organ donation.

Garden of Life - Day and Night

Unveiled in November 2011, the "Garden of Life", with its special landscape design and architectural features, gives recognition to donors and their families for bringing hope and new life to others through the selfless act of organ donation. The pillars beside the butterfly pond recount the sentiments of donor families, organ recipients and medical staff. We invite you to register online ( if you wish to donate organs.

the Garden of Life (daytime)
pillars besides the butterfly pond

Special features:

  • The landscape design, structural installations and architecture of the Garden echo the theme "Light Up Lives"
  • The Garden is laid out in a circle representing life's continuation
  • The Garden is centred around a pond with a butterfly logo symbolising organ donation. Beside the pond are pillars mimicking candles that signify kindling of hope and continuation of good deeds
  • The pillars recount the sentiments of donor families, organ recipients and medical staff
  • The design, materials and colour tone adopted are in harmony with the surrounding environment of Kowloon Park
  • The old and valuable trees within the site are preserved
Garden of Life (nighttime)
a pond with butterfly logo (nighttime)
a pond with butterfly logo symbolisig organ donation (daytime)