Know More about Organ Donation (What is Cornea Transplantation?)

What is Cornea Transplantation?

  • Cornea is a transparent layer on the surface of the eyeball. Scarring of the cornea from injury or disease will result in opacity and blindness. Transplantation with a healthy cornea can help to restore vision.
  • Corneal transplant is the most frequently performed tissue transplant in Hong Kong. It carries a high success rate because there are very few instances of rejection.
  • The first successful corneal transplant in Hong Kong was performed in 1961.

The criteria for Cornea Donor

  • Deceased cornea donor:
    • aged below 80
    • meet the general criteria for organ/ tissue donation
    • most cancers are acceptable
    • can be donated within 12 hours after cardiac death
    • no history of corneal trauma or disease
    • short-sighted or long-sighted persons can be donated
  • “Hospital Authority Eye Bank” is responsible for the collection of donated corneas, and then distributed to the public and private hospitals for transplant patient.