Know More about Centralised Organ Donation Register

Centralised Organ Donation Register

The Department of Health (DH) has set up the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) to make it more convenient for prospective donors to voluntarily register their wish to donate organs after death, and for such wish to be more reliably recorded. The CODR will enable medical personnel responsible for organ donation to know upon the patients' death about their wish to donate organs, and the bereaved family to acknowledge the deceased's wish to rekindle lives of other people.

To Sign Up

  • Register online

  • You can apply to register in the CODR at the CODR website( using the auto form-filling function of iAM Smart, or filling in the application form manually.
  • Other channels of registration

  • By post or by fax
  • You may complete the registration form and return it to the CODR Office by one of the following means:
    • By post: with postal address as stated in the registration form
    • By fax on: 2127 4926
  • In-person registration
  • Please bring your Hong Kong Identity Card for registration at one of the following locations:

If you choose to apply for registration in-person or online, identity verification can be completed up front during the application process. If you apply by post or fax, upon receiving your application, staff of the DH will process your application. Upon completion of your application for registration, your wish to donate organs after death will be recorded in the CODR.

In general, for applications submitted online, the registration process will be completed in a shorter time. If you submit applications in person, by post or fax, you will receive a notification within 14 days after submission of your application. If you do not receive the notification, please contact the CODR Office of the DH by phone on 2961 8441 / fax on 2127 4926 or by email at for enquiry.

After successful registration, you do not need to carry the organ donation card (if any) with you. DH will not issue any organ donation card to you. We appeal to people who have signed an organ donation card to register at the CODR, in order to facilitate confirmation of your wish and make arrangements accordingly.