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Health Educational Resources

Toolkit for Promoting Organ Donation

We have prepared a toolkit to assist Community Speakers to educate the public and to garner their support to organ donation. This free toolkit includes PowerPoint presentations, info-graphic, graphical guide, promotional leaflet and posters on organ donation.

PowerPoint presentation

Info-graphic on Organ Donation

Graphical Guide on "How to Register as an Organ Donor“

Promotional leaflet of organ donation

Promotional poster of organ donation

“Centralised Organ Donation Register” QR code Poster

Request for Health Educational Materials on Organ Donation

Promote Your Health

To be able to enjoy good health is the best thing for any one. To achieve this, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain our bodily functions at their best performance. This not only adds quality to life but enables us to rekindle life in others through organ donation. To know more about how to stay healthy, please visit the following websites.

Health Risks

Make Healthy Choices